Wayanad Adventures Activities

Trekking at Wayanad


Trekking is combination of hiking and walking activity in which people take multi-days trips in rural, un development area. We offers numerous trekking options to make your trip adventurous.

Natural Stream Wayanad

Natural stream

Natural streams are a key part of nature's water cycle. The natural stream bath that we provided here makes your days special by adding a lot of fun.

Campfire Wayanad


We offer you the enriching experience to warm up the bloodlines and loosen your limbs at the open air. Bonfire makes you enjoy the warmness on your joyfull trip.

Rope Climbing

Rope Climbing

If you are ready to pit yourself against gravity and push your physical and mental limits, Kerala's hills, mountains, and cliffs with their rigid climbs and steep slopes present immense opportunities for rock climbing. Greenmagic resort in Wayanad and the Adventure Zone at Lakkidi near sulthan bathery.

Night Safari

Night Safari

The wildlife jeep safari at the forest offers splendid opportunities to spot various animal and bird species in their natural habitat. The safari usually lasts 1-2 hours at the night. Experienced guides from the forest department accompany visitors on the safari as it is mandatory.

Water Rapelling

Water Rapelling

Water rappelling is a thrilling outdoor adventure activity. The visitors can enjoy the scenic hike into the falls and experience an exciting adventure.

Activities in Wayanad


Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows.